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Mission statement:  Grace United Methodist Church is a family of faith striving to share God’s love with all people.

Pastor’s Message – September 18, 2023

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Each time we gather, I am filled with a profound sense of gratitude and awe.  The rain that has graced our Valley Stream community with its gentle touch is a reminder of God’s abundant blessings.  In the midst of our daily lives, we often overlook the simple yet miraculous acts of nature that sustain us.  The rain not only nourishes the earth but also refreshes our spirits, reminding us of God’s ever-present love and providence.

It is with this same sense of gratitude that I reflect upon the work we have accomplished together as a community of faith.  Our collective efforts, guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ, have made a positive impact on the lives of those around us.  Through our acts of compassion, service, and fellowship, we are a beacon of hope and love in our community.

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus reminds us, “For where two or three are gathered in my name, I’m there with them.” (Matthew 18:20, CEB).  Our unity in faith and our commitment to following the path of Christ allow us to achieve great things.

As your pastor, it is my privilege to witness the dedication and faith of each member of this congregation.  Your love for God and your willingness to serve others are truly remarkable.  Let us carry this spirit of unity and service with us in the days ahead, knowing that Jesus is with us every step of the way.

May the rain be a reminder of God’s faithfulness, and may our work together be a testament to the transformative power of Christ’s love.  I encourage each of you to find inspiration in your faith as you face the challenges and opportunities of the week ahead.

In Christ’s service,

Rev. Dr. Jeffrey L. Hooker

Prayer List

♥†Family of Charles Joseph Kasuba, ♥†♦Family of Maria Linzey, ♥Michael Ciampi (friend of Kim Neri), ♥Peggy Robinson, ♥Michael Kurz, ♥Walter McKnight, ♥Vin Dowling, ♥Carolyn O’Loughlin, ♥Debbielee Thomsen, ♥Suella Fredrick (friend of Lorna McKenzie), ♥Betty Mayorga (sister of Rosario Hooker), ♥Juliana Bonds (sister of Eleanor Phillip), ♥Garvin Phillip (nephew of Eleanor Phillip), ♥Elaine Treske, ♥Marilyn Eller (sister of Elaine Treske), ♥Irene Misiti (friend of Rosario Hooker), ♥Charles Zipperlen, ♥Juzer Kasubhai, ♥Emma Donnelly, ♥Jim Poch, ♥All our Military men and women, ♥Ken Richardson, ♥Barbara Siegl, ♥People of Ukraine, ♥All UMW in Rehabilitation and Nursing Homes, ♥Castells Family (family of Elaine Treske), ♥David Biegler, ♥Iris Molina, ♥Olga Molina (sister of Iris Molina), ♥Evelyn Neber (friend of Elaine Treske). Note:  Prayer List names will continue to be listed for two weeks.  After that period of time, the names will be removed unless you call us with current information.  – Death in family, – New entry 

Sunday School 

Church School resumed on September 10th.  My name is Janet Stone and I am writing to invite your child to join us for in-person Church School each Sunday.  Church School is where students will learn about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and how to live a Christian life.  We learn Bible stories and we learn how to use those stories to help us be better people.  All PreK-8th Grade students are welcome.  Children start out in Church at 10:00 with their families and are sent to Church School following the Children’s Sermon.  Please note that on the first Sunday of the month, children are directed to the Education Building first and then return to the church building in order to be with their family for communion. I am looking forward to a fun-filled Church School year!  Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.                                                      

Janet Stone

September 17:

This week in Church School we continued our study in Genesis.  In Genesis 1:26-2:4 we learn about the creation of humankind.  God looked at the beautiful world that He had created and thought that the world needed people to enjoy and care for it.  So God set His creativity in motion and created humankind.   We learned that we are made in the image of God!  God made us with His own hands and so we looked at our own hands and saw that although we are the same, each of us having hands, we are also uniquely different, with each of us having unique lines upon our palms and fingers.  God shaped us this way so we can be unique individuals.  As we are a part of God’s creation, we have been instructed by God to care for the earth and all the living creatures within.  In just this small section of scripture, we have learned how we are created in God’s own image as unique individuals with the divine guidance and expectation to care for the beautiful earth we live on and the amazing creatures living here with us!


Happy News!!  Congratulations to Rev. Dr. Jeffrey L Hooker and Johanny Dickson on the occasion of their engagement. 

Happy News!!  We are so pleased and proud to announce that our daughter Julianne has given birth to her first child Leonardo, on August 24, 2023, at 9:23pm weighing in at 6lbs 8 oz. 20″ tall.  All are happy and healthy thanks to the grace and mercy of our God and Father.  Please keep them all in your prayers.   Bob and Theresa DiSalvo

SAD NEWS.  We just received the news of the passing of Charles Joseph Kasuba.  Charles is predeceased by his lovely wife Carole.  He is survived by his daughter Diane Vitacco, son-in-law Robert and grandchildren Kim, Robert and Erika.  Charles had been living in Florida for many years.  Our sincere sympathy is sent to the entire family. 


24      E. Fitch



01      D. Nicosia

08      M. Pershad (Team 1)

15      M. Pershad (Team 2)

22      D. Nicosia

29      K. Pearce

Special Sunday Offerings 2023

MISSIONSJanuary/April/July/October 2023


UMCOR SUNDAY – March 19, 2023

EASTER – April 9, 2023






CHRISTMAS EVE – December 24, 2023 

CHRISTMAS – December 25, 2023 

REMINDER.  Please remember to put your Envelope Number on your checks, your donation envelope or include with your Venmo or Zelle.  Thank you.

Coffee  Hour is being hosted this Sunday, September 24, by Kim Neri, Jane Schreiber and the McKnight’s.

Please sign up by calling the Church Office (516/825-1182), speak with Bob DiSalvo or use the sign-up sheet in the BKR.  We need volunteers for October 22nd and 29th.

HOLD THE DATE!  The Fall Blood Drive is scheduled for Wednesday, September 27. Give Blood, Give Life.  On Wednesday, September 27, 2023, from 3pm – 7:30pm, we will be hosting our bi-annual blood drive benefiting Long Island Blood Services in the Ed Bldg Gym. We will accept donations from any and all volunteers willing to give of themselves for the benefit of others, to give life by giving of themselves.  We all have an opportunity to share our blessings, not only by donating, but also by volunteering to assist in a successful drive by spreading the word and by calling a list of established donors.  Please call or contact Bob DiSalvo at 516-318-9106 to assist.  We will be serving dinner to all donors and their families from 5pm – 7pm, and we are in need of some kitchen help to promote that dinner.  Please help make a difference in the lives and health of our community by volunteering.  Thank you and may God Bless us all in this mission.   Bob DiSalvo

Join us for Pastor and Staff Appreciation Sunday on October 8th, 2023!

The Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) is happy to announce that on Sunday, October 8th, we will be celebrating our first Pastor and Staff Appreciation Sunday!  This is an opportunity for the congregation to express our gratitude and love to these individuals.

Following the service, we will be hosting a special brunch where everyone is welcome to join us.  This is a wonderful opportunity for fellowship and to show our appreciation.  We kindly request that you RSVP for brunch to JoAnne Hazell at by September 24 for us to ensure we have enough food and seating for everyone.

We invite the congregation to participate in this heartfelt celebration by sharing a gift or writing a thank you note to these remarkable individuals.  Your kind words and tokens of appreciation will mean a lot to them.

Please mark your calendars, RSVP, and join us.



Nursery School.  Grace Methodist Nursery School is proud to announce the opening of the GMNS Little Library located just outside the West Fairview Avenue entrance to the building.  The Snoopy designed Little Library was created in loving memory of Vera Okypych who taught at GMNS for 16 years.  She died in the fall of 2022.  Donations were made in her memory originally to plant a tree in her memory in Hendrickson Park where Vera loved to walk with her many friends.  An overabundance of donated funds were collected.  The committee organized for her memorial project graciously donated the excess funds to GMNS.  The GMNS faculty, Committee and church Trustees decided to use the funds to create the GMNS Little Library to serve the youngest members of the community.  Participants are invited to leave or take a book.  Only pre-school books will be accepted, please. 

If you require a Hearing Aid, please speak with one of our Ushers. 

Thrift Shop

The Thrift Shop is now open every Saturday from 10am-2pm.  We are primarily serving an immigrant community who enjoy shopping there and keep returning.  To keep our stores stocked donations of gently used clean clothes, small household items for the kitchen (pots and pans, blender, toaster, dishes), bedding, jewelry, and electronics would be greatly appreciated.  No books, CD’s, or records please.  Your donations may be left at the Thrift Shop on Saturday from 10am-2pm or Sunday after church.

We are very thankful to those who have donated.  Please help us continue this needed ministry serving our community.    –The Thrift Shop Team


In Nassau County 34% of food insecure people are  ineligible for state or federal  food assistance programs. Rising inflation has driven up food prices increasing the need for food assistance for many in Nassau including children. Thousands of families seek assistance on a weekly basis at these pantries. The Mary Brennan INN in Hempstead is one such food bank providing essential services to assist those challenged by hunger and poverty. 

A box will be available in the narthex for you to drop off nonperishable food items. The food will be delivered to the pantry monthly. If you wish to help with food delivery, please contact Marianne Pike at

Thank you for your continued support for those who need us the most. 

Where You Can Volunteer

Liturgist or Reader – Contact Pat Eshun

Sunday School – Contact Janet Stone

Evangelism – Contact Andrea Owen-Boyd

Thrift Shop – Contact Andrea Owen-Boyd

Music – Leave a message for the Music Ministry Office (516/825-1940)

Missions – Contact Katherine Perkins

Worship – Contact Kim Neri or Carol Provenzano

Acolytes – Contact Tim Neri or or Mike Provenzano

Ushers – Contact Mike Provenzano or Carol Provenzano

Counting Team – Contact Marisa Pershad  or Eileen Robertson

Hospitality – Contact Bob DiSalvo

Greeters – Contact Naomi Brown or Carol Provenzano

(Please call Eileen if you need contact information – 516/825-1182)

Weekly Meetings and Rehearsals

Please note whether meetings are in-person at the church or via Zoom. Thank you.

*Every Sunday – Choir Rehearsal 8AM/Church

*Every Sunday – Church School 10AM/start in Church (except 1st Sunday of the month start 10AM/Education Building)

*Every Wednesday – Bible Study 7:30PM-8:30PM/Zoom (Same Zoom Link every week)

*Every Thursday – Westminster Ringers 7PM/Church

*Every Saturday – Prayer Meeting 8AM/Zoom (Same Zoom Link every week)

*Every Saturday – Thrift Shop 10AM-2PM

Upcoming Meetings

*Sunday, September 17, 2023 – Church Council Meeting after Church Service

*Monday, September 18, 2023 – SPPR Meeting 7:30PM/Zoom

Upcoming Events

*Wednesday, September 27, 2023 – Fall Blood Drive

*Saturday, October 14, 2023 – International Potluck Dinner

*Saturday, November 4, 2023 – Charge Conference 12Noon (Place TBD)

*Sunday, December 10, 2023 – Annual Christmas Concert

*Saturday, January 27, 2024 – 9th Annual Evangelism Prayer Breakfast

NOTE:  All of our Grace Church Services will use the same link that we have been using.   Other meetings such as Bible Study have their own link.


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