Grace United Methodist Church
Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Valley Stream, New York
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Church Life


Mission statement:  Grace United Methodist Church is a family of faith striving to share God's love with all people.



Words from the Pastor



June 14, 2021


Dear Church Family and Friends,


Grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father and Jesus Christ our Savior.  I hope that this message finds you and your family doing fairly well after COVID-19’s devastating impact to our people and economy.  On last Sunday, at our first in-person worship service we were reminded that it is by God’s grace and mercy that we are alive.  We gave praise and thanksgiving to God for all that he has done, is doing, and continues to do for us.  Many were pleased to return to in person to see each other and worship together.  Our prayer is that as more people get vaccinated, and the infection rate remains under control, we will remain open for in-person worship service.  On Sunday we will celebrate Father’s Day in church.  If you would like to share a brief note of Thanks to your dad, come with a prepared note to share during worship.


The yearly annual conference gatherings were done on Zoom last week.  There were thoughtful and inspiring messages offered during our time together with Bishop Bickerton, clergy and laity.  I invite you to visit New York Annual Conference website;  There you can listen to the Bishop's Sermon and Episcopal AddressThere are some interesting requests, challenges, and recommendations for the local churches.  They are worthy of our review and discussion so that we can determine what can be applied to our church.  I am recommending that our leaders listen to the recordings, making notes of the information shared.  Together, we can determine how we can work to make these key factors a reality in our church.  Let us remember that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13).


There are Education Scholarships for new and current full time college students.  There are Camp Scholarships available for those who are registered for Camp Quinipet.  These scholarships are available to students who have participated in the life of our church.  Please reach out to Eileen for applications if you are interested.  The applications will be reviewed and scholarships granted by the Committee on Education and Camp Scholarships.  We have received some applications.


Zoom Bible Study is Wednesday, June 16th at 7:30 P.M. We will continue to study Revelation. Please read chapters 7 and 8.  Come to share, learn, and grow. The Zoom invitation will be sent out on June 15th.  We welcome your presence.


The weekly lectionary allows you to read the same scriptures during the week.  The scriptures for June 20, 2021, Father’s Day and 4th Sunday After Pentecost are: 1 Samuel 17: (1a, 4-11, 19-23), 32-49; Psalm 9:9-20; 2 Corinthians 6:1-13; and Mark 4:35-41.  Read and meditate on these scriptures to become familiar with the narratives.  Remember to pray for family, friends, neighbors, church family, those on our prayer list, co-workers, teachers, leaders, country, world and self.


The Zoom ID:  868 2289 3459, Password:  812923, Telephone #: 1 929-205-6099, for worship service.  Zoom invitation is sent to you on Saturday.  Zoom Sunday School is at noon., Zoom ID: 886 7860 9822, Password: 673474, Telephone # 1 929-205-6099. Zoom invitation is sent out on Saturday. 


Please visit the church’s website at  From the website homepage you can visit the church’s Facebook.  Please share with your families and friends.  Thank you.


Journeying in Ordinary Time or Kingdomtide,

Pastor Nation


Prayer ListJuanita Watts (aunt of Lisa Richardson), Family of Janice Holder (friend of Eleanor Phillip), ♥Faith Pollack (friend of Sing Larson), ♥Jim Poch, ♥Samantha O’Brien, ♥Pam O’Brien, ♥Christine Doeringer, ♥Anne Mahoney, ♥Inge Kubis, ♥Debbie and Kenny Keeney (parents of Lisa Becker), ♥Dee McMahon (friend of Kim Neri), ♥Kay Hartmann, ♥All United Methodist Women in Rehabilitation and Nursing Homes, ♥Shirley Shivrattan-Dookhi, ♥Chrissy Widera (friend of Pam and Samantha O’Brien), ♥Juliana Bonds (sister of Eleanor Phillip, ♥Maudlyn and Keible Scarlett, ♥Amy Cooke (sister of Pearl Hamilton), ♥Bob von Schmid (son-in-law of Adam and Christine Doeringer), ♥Kenneth Kurz (grandson of Lenore and Manny Kurz), ♥Elaine Treske, ♥Castells Family (family of Elaine Treske), ♥Heather Eggermann, ♥Margo and Vincent Morrison, ♥Cyril (friend of Pat Eshun), ♥Sasha (Navy-Japan), ♥Susan Selsen (friend of Steve Savarese), ♥Samuel A. Dorsey (father of David A. Dorsey), ♥David Biegler, ♥Monica Campbell (friend of Margo Morrison), ♥Iris Molina, ♥Olga Molina (sister of Iris Molina), ♥Everol Palmer (son of Enid Simpson), ♥Evelyn Neber (friend of Elaine Treske), ♥Bill Hammen (brother of Edie Zipperlen), ♥Rondolph Ives (brother of Margo Morrison), ♥John Simpson.  Note.  Prayer List names will continue to be listed for two weeks.  After that period of time, the names will be removed unless you call us with current information. 

- Death in family, ♥ - New entry




Counting Team Schedule for June 2021

                                                20        Morton

                                                27        Nicosia





            Missions – Month of July






We wish all the Father’s, Dad’s and Father Figures a very



DONATIONSWe continue to need your help in supporting Grace Church.  Your checks can be mailed to the church office or you can use Venmo or Zelle.  Venmo allows you to make a direct deposit donation to Grace Church electronically.  If you are already signed up, you can use this now.  If not, it is easy to sign up.  Go to and follow the easy directions.  The Church is listed as Grace Methodist VS.  Currently a good number of the congregation are using Zelle (do not use the Church phone number, use the Church email address – GraceVSNY@aol.comMore and more of our friends and members are using these avenues for their donations and we appreciate it.  Thank you


Just for your info, you can also donate via Venmo or Zelle to our Special Sunday’s (Missions, Student Day, etc.).  In the memo line just notate Regular Offering and or Regular Offering and Missions.  Also mention the amount you would like to give for each. 



CONGRATULATIONSHaving completed the requirements for, and having been examined by an Eagle Scout Board of Review,

Nicholas Cavaliere

Alessio Fratarcangeli

Fabrizio Fratarcangeli


Ryan Healey


were found worthy of the rank of Eagle Scout.  Your friends at Grace Church extend our sincere congratulations on this great accomplishment.  The scouts of Troop 109 continue to uphold their traditions of accomplishments, be prepared, caring for community and the environment, trustworthy, loyal, etc.  Again, congratulations Nicholas, Alessio, Fabrizio and Ryan! 


CALENDAR.  ATTENTION LEADERS - More and more meetings are being scheduled, some in person observing social distancing and others via Zoom.  Please let Eileen know if you are going to schedule a meeting and it will be added to the calendar.  Also, please email Eileen the number of people in attendance at your meeting.  This info is needed for our year-end report.  Thank you.



Upcoming Events/Meetings:


Monday, June 14 – Flag Day 

Monday, June 14 – UMW Meeting 7:30PM/Zoom

Tuesday, June 15 – SPPR Meeting 7:30PM/Zoom

Wednesday/Thursday, June 16/17 - Set up Gym for Graduation

Friday, June 18 - Nursery School Graduation/Gym

Sunday, June 20 – HAPPY FATHER’S DAY


All COVID protocols are being followed.



~Collecting money for UMCOR Health Kits and Clean-up Buckets~

One of the main features of our usual mission display at New York Annual Conference (NYAC) in June is the health kits and clean-up buckets for UMCOR disaster relief.  Annually, thousands of kits and buckets are received, registered, reviewed, packed and shipped to UMCOR Mission Central.  In 2017, Grace United Methodist Church made clean-up buckets, and in 2018 and 2019 our Sunday School kids made health kits.  Given that there will not be an in-person Conference this year to receive the buckets and kits, the NYAC is asking us instead to collect money.  The monetary donations from all over the NYAC will then be combined and sent to UMCOR Mission Central.  Please use Zelle to send money to Grace Methodist Church ( and designate it for UMCOR. Alternatively, you can mail your check to the church with UMCOR on the memo line.  We will collect until June 25.  I encourage you to send your money now while you are thinking of it.  Let’s have a big showing.  Thanks!

Katherine Perkins, Missions Chair



Zoom Sunday School

We had 3 kids and 10 in all for Zoom Sunday School on June 13.  It was the fourth Sunday of our series, Sunday School Around the World.  Eleanor Phillip shared what it was like growing up in church in Dominica.  She also shared photos of Dominica.  One was of a boiling lake.  She once hiked 10 miles uphill to visit that lake!  Eleanor went to Catholic school, but she went to the Methodist church for Sunday School.  Eleanor shared a Bible verse she memorized in Sunday School, which was John 3:16.  She shared some of the songs she learned in Sunday School too.  One was “Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam”.  Another one was, “I Will Make You Fishers of Men,” which we have sung in Grace Sunday School too.  Then Timothy and Danny Neri taught us a Methodist camp song with hand motions, “He’s My Rock, My Sword, My Shield.”


Next Sunday, June 20, Kim Neri will share what it was like growing up in Grace Church.  You may be surprised by what has changed!  Kim will teach us the song, “Hello and Hola,” which will teach us how to say “hello” in lots of different languages.  On June 20 the younger and older kids will have Sunday School together starting at NOON.  Please come! 

Katherine Perkins and the Sunday School Team




Education Scholarships.  The Education Scholarship will be available this year.  If your child is entering college or is attending college, they would be eligible.  Please contact or leave a message on the Church Office phone (516/825-1182) if you are interested.  The application will be sent to you either by email or regular mail.  Return it to the Church Office as soon as you can via email, regular mail or drop off.  Thank you.